Refund & Replacement Policy

At Fancy Plantsy we pride ourselves on sending healthy, high quality, and pest free plants to our customers. We package each plant carefully to ensure that it arrives safely and undamaged; however, these are living plants and at times damages do occur. With that in mind, we offer “The Fancy Promise.”

The Fancy Promise 

We promise that an alive and healthy plant will be delivered to your doorstep. If for any reason this doesn’t happen, please contact us via email at info@fancy-plantsy.websitepro.hosting within 72 hours of receipt. We will replace the plant at no charge. If we do not have the same plant in stock, we will offer you store credit or a refund. It’s your choice. We want you to shop with confidence, knowing that our plant shop has your back! Please see below for additional details.


Please include pictures of the outside of the box, inside of the box, plant, and any other pertinent viewpoint along with a brief description of the issue, your order number, name, and shipping address. Incomplete claims will be considered void until appropriate pictures and details described above are provided. It is the customer’s responsibility to check weather conditions and be aware of extreme conditions that may negatively impact their order. Heat packs will be available for purchase in winter months. Cold damage due to customers not purchasing the heat pack option will be excluded from the replacement guarantee. Please be sure to leave a note with your USPS mailperson for proper placement of packages to avoid prolonged temperature exposure. Also, plants do require time to acclimate after arrival. Although we package each item with the utmost care, minor cosmetic damage can occur: a yellow leaf or two, broken leaf or stem, and some wilting is normal, when the plant is first removed from its packaging. Sometimes USPS can be delayed. We ask that you wait 10 days from the ship date before filing a claim for a missing package. No pictures are required for a missing package claim. Just email us at info@fancy-plantsy.websitepro.hosting with a description of your request and include your order number, name, and shipping address.


We happily accept cancellations within 24 hours of purchase. 


Due to the fact that it is extremely unlikely that the plant would survive two trips thru the mail and still be healthy, we cannot accept returns. 

Need help?

Contact us at info@fanclyplantsy.net for questions related to refunds and replacements. 

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