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Rabbits Foot Fern – 6″ pot


The rabbit’s foot fern plant gets its name from the furry rhizomes that grow across the soil and resemble a rabbit’s foot (or a spider leg!). The rhizomes absorb nutrients and moisture as the lay on top of the soil. To best show off of this unique part of the plant, grow it in a hanging basket. The top of the plant is light and airy.

This is a pet safe houseplant!

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Rabbit’s foot ferns like bright but indirect sunlight

During the day they like temperatures between 70 and 75 F. (21-24 C.), and slightly cooler temperatures at night.

Keep the surface of the soil lightly moist. Daily misting helps keep the surface rhizomes from drying out. Every two weeks, your rabbit’s foot fern care should also include watering the plant with a liquid houseplant fertilizer mixed at half strength.

Rabbit’s foot ferns need repotting about every two years. However, never bury the rhizomes under the soil as this encourages rot