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Alocasia Lauterbachiana


Alocasia Lauterbachiana, also known ad Purple Sword- is a highly ornamental Alocasia, the uniquely shaped leaves make this a must for a serious aroid collector, while the easy nature of its care makes it also perfect for a beginner. The leaves are long, thin and upright. They are solid green on top, and dark purple underneath. They stems are speckles dark purple and cream. It most areas this plant is a perfect houseplant, but in some zones it can be grown outdoors as well. Its average height is about 3 feet tall.


**Please note, this plant is toxic if ingested. So keep away from pets and children.

When the top of the soil feels dry.

Bright, but indirect light.

soft, porous soil

This is a tropical plant, it does not like temps below 50 degrees. Can be grown outdoors in the shade in Zones 9-11.