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Calathea Lancifolia


Calathea Lancifolia is also known as Rattlesnake Plant. It is one of the best indoor ornamental houseplants. Lancifolia has elongated, wavy, emerald green leaves with dark decorative spots and deep purple undersides. A beautiful accent plant for the home or patio. Available in 4″ and 6″ pot sizes.

**Calathea are non-toxic and pet friendly!

Your Calathea will do best in medium to low indirect light. Never allow this plant to receive direct sunlight, as the leaves will burn.

For best results, maintain a regular watering schedule and keep your Calathea moist, but not wet or soggy. This is not a drought-tolerant plant, but it is relatively forgiving if you forget to water it from time to time. Extended periods of dryness can result in brown leaf tips or edges.

Your Calathea prefers high humidity and average room temperatures between 60-80 degrees. It will not tolerate temperatures below 55 degrees. It is also sensitive to cold drafts or blowing heat during the winter months, so keep it away from windows and heaters for best results.