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Ficus Mini Oakleaf / String of Frogs – 4″ pot


This mini version of creeping fig is very easy to grow. Each tiny leaf is deeply lobed and looks like a tiny oak leaf or a tiny little frog. The plant grows very compactly, formed a mat of vines, making this plant perfect as a ground cover, in terrariums, in hanging baskets, or in combination planters. It thrives under low light and high humidity but can survive in full sun as well.

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Mini Oakleaf prefers bright, but indirect sunlight. However, it can survive in full sun, or full shade.

Water thoroughly and keep the soil evenly moist. Ficus like high humidity, so if you live in a dry area, you can either mist the plant with water often. Or use a humidifier.

Creeping fig can grow outside in mild climates. It does well in temperatures ranging from 55° F to 75° F