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Peperomia String of Turtles


Peperomia prostrata, also known as String of Turtles is a red and green trailing Peperomia. The leaves are round and thick. It will flower off and on year-round by putting up flower spikes. It is a relatively slow grower and is sensitive to cold.


**Peperomias are non toxic and pet friendly!

Peperomias are happiest in medium to bright light. They DO NOT like direct sunlight. They do well under fluorescent lighting, which making them ideal for offices.

Peperomias do not like to be over watered. Water only when the soil has almost dried out. It is best to water them from underneath. Water will then be stored in the leaves making them quite drought tolerant.

Peperomias prefer warm temps of 60-80 degrees in the day and no lower than 55 degrees at night.