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Pothos Pearls & Jade


This gorgeous variegated variety of Pothos is smaller in stature than many of the other common Pothos cultivars. It is also a bit slower growing. But it makes up for its lack of speed with its beautiful jade and cream variegation. The attractive leaves of this plant combined with its remarkably sturdy constitution, make it one of the most versatile and carefree indoor plants imaginable. It thrives in bright indirect light OR shade and will forgive occasional lapses in watering. An outstanding choice for any room of the home or office. It will trail in a hanging basket or climb if given a trellis. This is a great plant for beginners!


Grow your Pothos indoors, preferably with bright, but indirect light, although it also will tolerate lower-light conditions. Tip: Pale leaves means too much sun, and loss of variegation means too little.

Pothos likes to have its soil dry out between watering's. It definitely dislikes soggy roots. So use a well draining potting soil to prevent root rot.