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Sansevieria Misty Star


You cannot find an easier plant to care for than a Sansevieria. These are the perfect size for gifts, and can thrive in almost any area. Sansevieria “Misty Star” is a small, low growing birds nest type of Sansevieria with grey green leaves. Some faint cream edging appears on some leaves.

All varieties of the snake plant are succulents that grow well indoors as houseplants. They can handle being dry for extended periods of time. They are known to be one of the best air purifying plants available due to being able to continue purifying the air through the night. Sansevierias seem to thrive off of neglect, therefore they are the perfect plant for beginners.

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These tropical plants grow well indoors at normal room temperature. However, it is important to keep your Sansevieria plants away from drafts.

Keep your snake plant in a well-lit room and away from direct sunlight. Even though all varieties of Sansevieria tolerate dark conditions, bright light helps to bring out the beautiful colors on the leaves.

As with any succulent, all types of Sansevieria need well-drained soil to grow healthily. Only water your succulent plant when the soil is dry and allow all the water to drain out the bottom of the container. In winter, you only need to water your Sansevieria plants occasionally.