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ZZ Plant – 4″ pot


ZZ Plant, whose official name is Zamioculcas zamiifolia, is a slow-growing, easy care, houseplant, with waxy, oval, dark green leaves on graceful stems that can reach two to three feet in height. It’s attractive in any setting, but because it tolerates a lot of less-than-perfect conditions, it is the ideal plant for a window-less office or bathroom. It does well in low-light areas, is not bothered by low humidity and can survive sporadic watering habits.

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Place it where it gets a bit of bright, but indirect, natural light (it also grows well under fluorescent lights)

Water it when the top couple of inches of soil dries out. In fact, too much water can cause the leaves to begin to turn yellow, which may indicate that the rhizome is rotting.

Feed ZZ with a regular houseplant fertilizer a couple of times a year.